BANXSO Review: Make Your Investing Simple, Safe and Quick

Overview of Banxso 

Online trading has become one of the most popular activities ever since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. People from all over the world are signing up with trading platforms to trade in assets and rake in a decent income. However, not all platforms are trustworthy and transparent. There are some platforms that expose traders to financial scams and wreak heavy losses. If you seek to steer clear of such scams and trade in a safe and secure environment then Banxso is the right platform for you. Banxso operates in association with a team of reliable brokers. The brokers open and close trading positions and detect lucrative deals in the markets most accurately on behalf of the registered traders. The platform of Banxso is designed for seasoned traders as well as beginners. Read the review of Banxso to take a tour of the platform and sign up today to start trading and investment in assets.

Key Features of Banxso

The online trading platform of Banxso offers every trader an interface to conduct trade and investment in assets. It is one of the top-tier brokerage companies of the world that is renowned for its competitive offerings and availability of a diverse portfolio of assets. Regulated by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority of South Africa, the platform of Banxso focuses on providing every trader with equal opportunities for trading in a wide range of assets. Banxso is best known for its services of providing a personal trading analyst, along with an impressive array of trading tools and technologies to the traders. Banxso also keeps the trader updated with the latest news and analytical market reports to help with profitability. To learn more about the platform, take note of the salient features of Banxso, described below:

Provision of a Personal Trading Analyst

Banxso provides every user with a trading analyst that assists the users in making trading decisions during the live sessions. The traders consult the personal trading analyst to seek help with the interpretation of the financial markets. The analyst studies the market trends and the asset price movements and submits the reports to the registered traders for trading profitably in foreign exchange, commodities, cryptocurrencies, precious metals, and other assets. 

News Updates at Regular Intervals

It is imperative to stay abreast of the latest news throughout the trading session to make well-informed trading decisions. Banxso makes sure that the traders stay updated on the crucial happenings of the day in the money market by providing the traders with news flashes in real-time. The traders need to click on the LiveStream button at the official website of Banxso to get access to live news and headlines that will help with prudent and profitable trading and investment in assets. 

Trading Tools

Trading Tools

Banxso is renowned for providing the traders with an arsenal of AI-based trading tools and technologies for the dynamic fundamental and technical analysis of assets and financial markets. The traders use the tools to study the market trends and gain access to expertly plotted graphs and charts based on the market data. Banxso believe in tech-savvy trading to enable traders to invest their capital with accuracy. The trading tools of the online platform are efficient and recommended for use to conduct trading and investment in the financial markets without incurring losses.

Exclusive Educational Content Is Available for Skill-Based Training of the Traders

Banxso provides every novice trader with the opportunity of getting acquainted with the techniques, expertise, and insights that make a great professional trader and investor. The educational resources are tailor-made to suit the needs of the traders that seek to learn about risk management and diversification of their investment portfolio. At the online trading platform, the users may gain knowledge and training by engaging in educational content that includes webinars, video lectures, mentoring sessions, tutorials, conferences, and training activities. One may enroll themselves at the Knowledge Center of Banxso to gain access to the wealth of educational resources available at the platform. In addition to this, the educational content helps the traders in devising trading strategies and techniques by studying graphs and charts that represent the trends and patterns of the financial market in real-time. 

Technologically Advanced Trading Platforms Help with Profitable Trading

Banxso is determined to provide every trader with a host of novel trading opportunities and that is why it provides the users with access to the multi-asset MetaTrader 5 platform. Through the platform of MT 5, the trader gets access to the most popular international financial markets. MT 5 is highly customizable and, therefore, the traders can conduct trading and investment in assets in their unique styles. This platform is also accessible through the mobile application of Banxso.

Sleek and Seamless Mobile Application of Banxso Is Highly Functional

Conduct smooth trading and investment on the go by signing up with Banxso and downloading the mobile app of the online trading platform in your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. The app is available for download and installation at the app stores of Windows, Android, and iOS. The app provides access to the trading tools of Banxso for trading profitably in assets. Through the app, the users are able to access statistical analysis reports, fundamental and technical market indicators, and a variety of charts and graphs for interpreting market trends. The traders make the best use of the intuitive and engaging interface of the mobile app of Banxso to reach out to the regulated brokers of the platforms for investing in various assets.

Customer Support Is Available 24×7

At Banxso, customer support is available 24×7 over the phone, email, and live chat. The customer service assistants are highly responsive and available 24×7 for providing support to the traders. For general queries, one may write an email to the help desk and receive a response within 24 hours. For assistance during emergencies, it is better to get in touch with the customer support assistants via quick text messages over live chat. One may consult the detailed FAQ section to get familiar with the workings of the platform.

Is Banxso Legit?

Banxso provides every trader with a safe and secure environment for trading and investing in a variety of assets. The platform is regulated by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) of South Africa. The organization provides the license to Banxso for providing financial services to users across the world. In addition to this, Banxso is governed by Zenfin Financial Services that ensures the security of the platform, and protects the users against financial scams and fraudulence.

Overview of Tradable Instruments of Banxso 

At Banxso, one can engage in activities of trading and investment in different assets that include Forex, stocks, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. A brief description of each asset is given below:

Tradable Instruments of Banxso

Foreign Exchange Currency Pairs

Banxso operates with a host of forex brokers that assist the forex traders registered with Banxso to engage in the trading of major, minor, and exotic currency pairs. The regulated forex brokers assist the traders in investing their capital in currency pairs for hedging against interest rate risks and international currencies and for the diversification of the investment portfolio. Banxso also allows forex options trading in which the traders are allowed to make predictions about price movements in the foreign exchange market. In forex options trading, the trader pays a nominal fee to take part in the trading of forex currencies by obtaining the right to buy an international currency pair at the future exchange rate. The trader may withdraw from the trade at will only at the cost of the fee paid and without incurring any extra losses. A few reasons to engage in forex trading at the platform of Banxso are listed below:

  1. The capital requirement for trading in foreign exchange assets is low and affordable at Banxso. Make an investment in forex assets with low capital and rake in substantial returns with the help of the reliable and efficient forex brokers of Banxso.
  2. Banxso enables trading with high liquidity. The major international currencies possess high levels of liquidity, which is why trading in these currencies can be done at a rapid pace. In addition to this, the online trading platform allows forex trading with narrow spreads to limit exposure to market risks of sudden volatility of currency prices.  


Venture into the world of trading in indices through the platform of Banxso. Banxso allows the traders to trade in a variety of popular indices through Contracts for Difference (CFDs). With the help of CFD trading, index traders are able to make considerable gains based on the fluctuations in the prices of the indices. Trading in indices is the same as trading in forex and stocks. However, indices constitute a weighted average of the collection of different assets, and as such, require a very nuanced view of the financial markets. Banxso allows the traders to engage in short-term trading to make quick profits. The reasons to trade in indices through Banxso are listed below:

  1. A team of experts is available 24×7 to assist with the whole process of trading in indices. The traders receive quick responses, which enables them to take fast actions on time at the markets to make substantial gains.
  2. Banxso offers risk management technologies, chain tools, and trading analytics that help to rake in rich profits from the international markets. 


Engage in the buying and selling of the shares of publicly listed companies at the platform of Banxso and make good profits with the help of the reputed stockbrokers of the platform. The traders gain access to the top stock exchanges around the world to trade in bonds, stocks, and securities. The brokers assist the stock traders that include banks, companies, hedge funds, stock investors, and pension funds registered with the online trading platform of Banxso. The traders capitalize on the short-term geopolitical events and make money by selling the stocks when the price rises and purchasing the stocks when the price drops over time. 

Crypto Assets

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts from all over the world make a beeline for signing with the online crypto trading platform of Banxso to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Banxso allows trading in both Bitcoin and Ethereum. The platform is currently working on adding more crypto assets to the portfolio to draw in more crypto users over time. At present, traders can conduct trading in cryptocurrencies without having to own the crypto assets. The traders conduct trading in Bitcoin and Ethereum through CFDs and as such their financial stability is maintained despite the erratic fluctuations in the crypto market. 


Traders can trade in a variety of commodities that include agricultural products, precious metals, such as copper, silver, gold, and platinum, and energy obtained from both renewable and non-renewable sources. The energy commodities include electric power, natural gas, gasoline, crude oil, and wind power. For trading in soft commodities, there is a host of agricultural products available that include soybeans, rice, wheat, corn, coffee, cocoa, sugar, and cotton.

Overview of the Trading Platforms of Banxso 

Apart from the proprietary platform, Banxso also allows the traders to access the MetaTrader 5 platform for advanced trading in assets. There is also a mobile trading platform that allows the traders to conduct trading and investment on the go. The two types of trading platforms available at Banxso are given below:

MetaTrader 5

Banxso allows access to the multi-asset trading platform of MT 5 to enable automated algorithmic trading through auto trading robots. The automated trading bots, also known as Expert Advsiors, scan the markets on behalf of the registered traders, detect profitable deals, and open and close the trading positions at lightning-fast speed to rake in profits in the nick of time. The bots are able to predict the price fluctuation well ahead of time and with accuracy. They also help the traders in making prudent buying and selling decisions. The MetaTrader 5 platform allows trading in stocks, futures, forex, and other instruments.

Mobile Trading Platform

Mobile Trading Platform

Download the mobile trading platform and install it in any device of any operating system to conduct trading and investment on the go. Cut down on being idle while traveling by signing up to trade and invest in assets through the mobile app of Banxso. Gain access to the charting tools and technical indicators of the platform and get in touch with the brokers through the trading interface of the mobile app to trade in various assets.

Overview of Trading on Banxso 

Sign up with Banxso for the most seamless trading experience. Unlike other trading platforms, the platform of Banxso is highly customizable. The traders configure the trading interface of Banxso to conduct trading and investment in their unique styles. There is a team of experts available 24×7 for support and the traders may seek the help of the professionals to use the state-of-the-art tools and technologies made available to the traders for precise and algorithmic trading in various assets.

Banxso provides traders with a wide range of charting tools, technical indicators, and graphing technologies for the fundamental and technical analysis of the market. The trading experience of Banxso becomes even more enhanced due to the wealth of educational content available at the Knowledge Center of the platform. It also allows the traders to conduct trading with high liquidity to protect the traders against volatility risks. Register with the platform today to begin trading and investment in assets.

Trading CFDs on Banxso

Banxso allows trading through CFDs to safeguard the traders against the market risks of excessive volatility. The CFD trading can be done through the proprietary trading platform of Banxso. The platform has access to thousands of financial instruments available for trading and the CFDs help in understanding the price pattern and making the assets available for the traders without exposing them to volatility risks and assets.

Educational Services & Investment Strategies by Banxso 

The online trading and investment platform of Banxso provides every trader with a vast amount of educational material to train the users and instill in them the requisite knowledge for profitable trading. Banxso allows the traders to enroll themselves at the Knowledge Center to learn about trading and its aspects from expert professionals and successful traders and investors. Enrollment at the Knowledge Center is free and the educational content is available in the following forms, as listed below:

  1. Webinars
  2. General lecture videos
  3. Mentoring sessions
  4. Tutorials
  5. Demo account 
  6. Articles and blogs
  7. Glossary 

Banxso Customer Support 

Customer Support

Customer support is of the utmost importance at online trading platforms and Banxso makes sure that assistance is available around the clock for the customers. Whether for general queries or emergency situations, the team of customer service assistants is always ready to help. For help with general issues, one needs to send an email to and wait for a day for the response. To resolve issues more quickly, the user may reach out to the customer support help desk over the phone by dialing the number +27-080-099-7915. In addition to this, there is live chat support available as well for help during emergency situations via text messages. It is advised to the users to read the FAQ section thoroughly before venturing into trading and investment.


The insightful review of Banxso reveals that the online trading and investment platform is suitable for beginners as well as professionals. Conduct trading and investment with the help of cutting-edge tools and technologies that interpret the market patterns in real-time and provide reports to the traders for accurate trading and investment. Traders make the best of the high leveraged trading to rake in rich profits from the markets. While the team of regulated brokers takes care of the investment portfolio of the registered investors, the Expert Advisors or auto trading bots conduct trading with precision on behalf of the registered traders. The fee structure of the platform is affordable and the capital requirement is well within the budget of the traders. A few improvements that the platform needs to make are the inclusion of more assets and the launch of more tools and technologies for trading and investment. Nonetheless, Banxso is almost ideal for business in assets.


Does Banxso Allow Demo Trading?

Yes, the users first have to sign up with Banxso and then open a demo account to conduct demo trading. There is no deposit required to be made for demo trading and it is solely for the purpose of honing the trading skills. 

What Are the Different Types of Orders Available at Banxso?

For placing orders, the traders are allowed to place a stop loss, take profit, limit and stop entry, guaranteed stop, market order, and partially close trade orders at the financial markets.

Does Banxso Allow Trading in Cryptocurrencies?

Banxso allows trading in crypto assets of Bitcoin and Ethereum.